Christmas Dinner.

December 25, 2006 our Christmas Dinner for 30 people! Started at 10 am, finished and on the Table by 6pm.

Smoked Trout: Cured with Kosher salt, Brown sugar, lemon zest, and thyme for 1 day

Trout Cure
After 24 Hrs

After rinsing you must air dry the trout, This is a must step!!! The fish must be totally dry before you smoke it, or the smoke will just adhere to the outside of the fish and impart a bitter acrid flavour. The fish will feel almost like leather when it is ready. This is called creating a pellicle!


Then I smoked it with alder and maple chips for 3 hrs


Dry Rubbed and Herbed butter stuffed Turkey These babies took only 3 hrs in my cooker at 275 to 300 deg.

Oh Yeah! we didi a small prime rib which came out perfectly rare!

Sweet Potato Flan w/ Danish blue, maple syrup,sage, thyme, caramelized onion

This is a creation of mine that gets the most requests from friends for the recipe.



I recently got my hands on the Holy Grail of Ham. Bellota Pata Negra, from the highly prized Black Hooved pigs from Spain. History and Info:

The Chorizo
has just 4 ingredients!(pork, Pimenton De la Vera (approx 20% of it weight) Salt, and Garlic. No preservatives, and is stuffed into a hog middle. Redolent w/ Pimenton and Garlic flavour with a slight tang at the finish.

(Boneless Pork Loin) are stuffed into Hog middles also and rubbed with, salt, Pimenton, Garlic. The contain Antioxidant (e301) and preservative (E-252 and E-250) and sugar. Extremely tender and velvety mouth feel

Salt and mountain Air that’s it. This just melts in your mouth, and the fat striations are gorgous!The Spaniards do not salt Hams as long as other producers of Ham. They typically salt 1 day per pound, which may lend to it’s more delicate flavour. Where as Italian, Virginia etc. hams are salted for approx. 1.5 days per pound.
The Cost of the Jamon in Paris is 283.00 euro per Kilo!!!!!!!

Lomo and Chorizo
pb270013.jpgChorizo Iberico Bellota

I am in the process of purchasing a walk-in fridge, which will be stored at a commissary kitchen I use for catering. I will soon begin small batch production of Dry Cured sausages, Bacon, and Pastrami etc. which I will hopefully be able to sell if my application for a vendor at the St. Lawrence Farmers Market in Toronto is accepted. Wish me luck!

Pancetta at 2 weeks

October 29, 2006

Chorizo I put in yesterday. I did a finer grind this time as I saw a picture on chez pim on her trip to Extebarri Restaurant in Spain
extabarri Chorizo

The Smoked Meat Sandwich

October 29, 2006

Dry Cured for 1 week:
Rubbed with: Mustard, Cracked pepper,pa270004_1.jpgpa270004_1.jpg
Out of the steamer after 3 hrs:pa290005.jpg
The sandwich:

I am in the process of doing a little R&D for some breakfast options for my place. Since I will be there at the crack of dawn, It would be great too utilize some of the cured meats, and create some cashflow.
Billionares bacon I read about a fews years in Savuer Magazine: Bacon that is baced in a brown sugar crust till crispy! (I baked them @ 400 for about 20 min. then put under broiler,(DO NOT PUT UNDER BROILER! IT WILL BURN!), just bake for about 30 min. The baked eggs are just egg white whipped, Soft peaks, then placed in a buttered muffin tin. The yolk’s are gently placed in the centre and baked for six and 1/2 min. You can add any herbs or chesse too personalize this dish anyway you want! I added aged cheddar, Thyme, salt, pepper to the egg whites before it was placed into the muffin tin.
The Dish:
Now to figure out how to make this dish transportable and what starch componet will complete it!

This pancetta has been in a combination of curing salt, sugar, herbs, spices and garlic for 1 week. I have rinsed off the spice mix and coated with black pepper and Turkish bay leaves. Now it is time for nature to do it’s work.

pancetta CURING DAY 1