Been away for quite some time. I have not been curing or smoking, but I have had too take some time to access my aspirations and fears with taking the big risk, betting the farm, taking the bull by the horns etc; I have been offered a great job that will insure that finances are secure, bills will be paid, vacation 2 weeks, kids won’t be needing for much, but will daddy be happy?


Opening Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will know by Thursday if my small Industrial/Manufacturing, catering space is secure.

I am having hard time deciding on a name, and would love some input and suggestions, please!!!

So far:

  1. Davis’s Charcuterie
  2. The Peasants: Smokehouse and Charcuterie
  3. The Larder: Smokehouse and Charcuterie
  4. Big Phat Pig: Charcuterie
  5. Fat Pig: Charcuterie
  6. Stockyards: Charcuterie & smokery

I would also like to get some info on how to refurbish this baby, it is made by IBM(The computing scale company) before 1930.

I wanted a berkel,

But this slicer is very special also!