I have leased my location, and have finally decided on a name for my Company: The Stockyards: Charcuterie,Smokehouse, and Catering. The location is in the former Toronto Stockyards Location, Hence the name. I have also changed the name of t the Catering company to the Stockyards also, (brand recognition!). My wonderful logo is Designed By Monique Nantom at The Sausage/Curing plant is less than 1000 sq. ft. I will be posting construction progress as we go! Hopefully Tuesday we will break ground and begin the install the drains, and then prep the Floor.
Wish me luck, as I am on a very limited budget and will need to do this in a couple of phases. After the floor is complete, I should be able to run my catering company from the shop, for a couple of months the build enough capitol to complete the rest of the project.

stockyards-layout-with-walkin.jpgHere is the layout


Some Canapes
Shrimp n’ Grits

Shrimp n’ Grits

Chicken and Waffles w/Citrus molasses, Coleslaw mayo, and buttermilk marinated fried chicken

Chix and wafflep1000168.jpg

Mini Burgers


Main Event!

Ribs: Check the smoke ring!



Awaiting portioning: Very succulent I might add.p1000184.jpg