Cured Tuna, Bacon, and What’s Hangin!

January 28, 2007

I have just cured 2 small tuna loins with Kosher salt , sugar, and a spice mix of bay leaf, thyme, juniper, garlic for 3 days.One with nitrite and one is without. After curing I stuffed them into Beef middles which will be cold smoked over Alderwood tomorrow and then left to age until they are firm like salami.
I will also be smoking Bacon sides tomorrow.

What’s Hangin!
Venison w/Juniper and Black current
and Lomo


2 Responses to “Cured Tuna, Bacon, and What’s Hangin!”

  1. Sally D Says:

    I do most of my bbq in the back garden, I use a Buschbeck barbecue and get it cooks some great meals, I am not a fish fish fan but I love meat and the curing process is fascinating, I will try this myself.

  2. Luca Says:

    Hi, my name is Luca and just recently stumbled upon your website and I wanted to both congratulate you on your new location and to also ask a question.
    I currently work in San Diego in a restaurant called tendergrens and our chef has been doing cured meats in there for a bit (we’ve got spek, coppa, bresaola and prosciutto hanging right now!), and I was interested in asking how you did the cured tuna: we get fresh albacore here and it would be nice to try that preparation. I’m assuming you treated the loin like you would a whole muscle type of salumi like bresaola.
    thank you in advance and if you ever happen to be in the San Diego area come and check us out!

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