Chorizo, Pancetta, and Lomo under cure!

January 20, 2007

Over the past couple of weeks I have been procuring equipment! I just scored a couple commercial fridges off Craiglist which I have just modified so that they stay at a constant 55 deg. and have an R.H. of 75 to 85%.
I have also been experimenting with different casing with the Chorizo.
These Chorizo are curing without any starter culture and are non-fermented, but they do contain nitrite.
As you can tell a lovely white mold is starting to bloom. Hopefully I can make a batch Sunday that I will ferment with Starter culture for 24 hrs at 85 deg. w 90% R.H. for a taste comparison.

Beef Middle (Larger) and Chittering casing (aka Gentile) Very delicate, and rips easily when stuffing.
Chorizo in Beef and chitters

Lomo: Cured for 8 days in Pimenton, Garlic, curing salt, and spices. Then rinsed and stuffed into beef middles. Should be ready in 60 days!


Pancetta Drying

Bacon Curing:

Maple Molasses Cured and Organic brown sugar.


4 Responses to “Chorizo, Pancetta, and Lomo under cure!”

  1. M@ Says:

    How do you keep the humidity up in the fridges? Do you put a water pan in the bottom or something?

  2. Frank in Omaha Says:

    I am making some lomo for home consumption. When do you season it with the paprika? could you please email me when you have a chance

  3. Vert Says:

    Any chance you can share your lomo recipe please? I cured lonzino in the past but would like to try lomo.

  4. Felix Says:

    Dis you ever compare the fermented w started culture chorizos versus the non fermented?

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