Just a little vid on how to cut and rub your chickens.***** I could not find my gloves! Please be careful and use a 10% bleach solution to clean and sanitize all your utensils, cutting boards, prep area, and hands!**********


This Weeks Agenda!

September 25, 2006

I have some brisket curing, and I will be making some chorizo and salami again. I will try to document the steps in the making of the sausages. I am also in talks with a kitchen in my neighborhood, so that I may go into small batch production on some of my cured meats.

Fried Chicken

September 25, 2006

p9230011.jpgAnother component to my future takle out joint will be authentic fried chicken. I marinate in Buttermilk and less than 11 herbs and spices for 24 hours, then dredge it in flour with less than 11 spices. I then fry it in canola and bacon grease (sometimes in duck fat and bacon grease!) I am designing a dish around fried chix and waffles. I offer this dish on the catering menu, but I am adapting a take out version. I also threw in a few shots of some side ribs that I was testing against spare ribs. Flavour wise I prefer the spares! Cost wise, I really, really, love the spares. I smoked some salt which needs to stay ion the smoker longer next time.Side Ribs


September 25, 2006