Sorry all! I have been very busy with non BBQ matters, and I haven’t had any chances to update my blog. I have figured out the problem with uploading pictures and will have them all up by the end of the week! Here are some pics of my parrilla experiment which as you can see worked quite well! I purchased some fire bricks and a SS table from an auction and found this folding grill at a Sally-Ann! Total cost $50.00 and completely portable. (I have since modified the grill too cover the table completely) I am in the process of designing a portable hood and some sort of enclosure for the back and sides of the grill, that can support firebricks that will slide into place. This will allow me to build a grill on-site for any catering events. Let the madness begin.p8210022.jpgp8210031.jpgFirebricks and SS table w. chimney Starter