Divine Swine!

June 22, 2006

Organic Pork bellies CuringOrganic Pork bellies Curing
Here are four organic pork bellies just starting to cure. I am making 3 types of bacon using two different curing methods; Dry cured and brine cured. Dry curing will produce a more assertive porkine flavor, as it also tend to leech out more of the natural water content, thus concentrating it’s flavour. This method will produce a bacon that you cannot find easily these days. The majority of bacon producers inject the bellies with water, artificial smoke and flavors. They are then tumbled under pressure, and then cooked till internal temp reches 150 deg. F.
The 2 dry cured ( A)Maple/ molasses and (B) Organic brown sugar. The brine cured is Maple molasses. After they have cured for 7 days, I will section them in quarters and smoke them using different wood combinations using apple, maple, hickory, alder and corn cobs. My Basic bacon/Country ham cure consist off kosher salt and sodium nitrite and brown sugar.

Pancetta: This is essentially Italian bacon. It starts with the same basic cure as bacon, then aromatics are added. I use a combination of garlic and fresh herbs and spices. This will cure for 1 week, then re-rub with aromatics, roll and tie, then hang for at least a month at 55 deg. and 70% relative humidity. I am going to smoke a small section out of curiosity when I smoke the bacon!


I had a small event over the weekend. The menu consisted of Mini Burgers w/ Cambazola, Onion tomato jam, Truffle mayo, and arugula. BBQ Chicken with a citrus molasses glaze, and Texas style brisket with my Ruby Red BBQ sauce and the BBQ Pastrami. It all went over quite well, and the client was extremely pleased!
Butt and brisket rubbedBrisket and butts in a very nice place
Pulled pork Sammy

This brisket has been dried cured for 9 days! It has quite a different texture compared to the Brine cured one I steamed yesterday. This brisket definitely has a much more beef pronounced flavour flav, lingering sweet smoke finish (8 hrs. instead of 6), and a touch more toothsome to the bite, yet still incredibly moist! It is a touch too salty, so less curing time is in order.