I have leased my location, and have finally decided on a name for my Company: The Stockyards: Charcuterie,Smokehouse, and Catering. The location is in the former Toronto Stockyards Location, Hence the name. I have also changed the name of t the Catering company to the Stockyards also, (brand recognition!). My wonderful logo is Designed By Monique Nantom at The Sausage/Curing plant is less than 1000 sq. ft. I will be posting construction progress as we go! Hopefully Tuesday we will break ground and begin the install the drains, and then prep the Floor.
Wish me luck, as I am on a very limited budget and will need to do this in a couple of phases. After the floor is complete, I should be able to run my catering company from the shop, for a couple of months the build enough capitol to complete the rest of the project.

stockyards-layout-with-walkin.jpgHere is the layout


Some Canapes
Shrimp n’ Grits

Shrimp n’ Grits

Chicken and Waffles w/Citrus molasses, Coleslaw mayo, and buttermilk marinated fried chicken

Chix and wafflep1000168.jpg

Mini Burgers


Main Event!

Ribs: Check the smoke ring!



Awaiting portioning: Very succulent I might add.p1000184.jpg

Been away for quite some time. I have not been curing or smoking, but I have had too take some time to access my aspirations and fears with taking the big risk, betting the farm, taking the bull by the horns etc; I have been offered a great job that will insure that finances are secure, bills will be paid, vacation 2 weeks, kids won’t be needing for much, but will daddy be happy?


Opening Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will know by Thursday if my small Industrial/Manufacturing, catering space is secure.

I am having hard time deciding on a name, and would love some input and suggestions, please!!!

So far:

  1. Davis’s Charcuterie
  2. The Peasants: Smokehouse and Charcuterie
  3. The Larder: Smokehouse and Charcuterie
  4. Big Phat Pig: Charcuterie
  5. Fat Pig: Charcuterie
  6. Stockyards: Charcuterie & smokery

I would also like to get some info on how to refurbish this baby, it is made by IBM(The computing scale company) before 1930.

I wanted a berkel,

But this slicer is very special also!



I have had some difficulty maintaining a cold smoke temperature in the main Box of my smoker without constantly watching it. So I have decided to use an offset smoker box piped into my main cooker. I finally put the cast iron stove to work that I scored at an auction. This will now lend me the opportunity to do things like, picking up th kids from school, writing my blog, or mainly going to work without worrying if the smoker is getting too Hot!

Here it is:
I have placed some applewood into a small coffee can directly into the firebox

Cold smoking the Tuna, Bacon and a Chorizo (It is -15 celcius Today)

I have just cured 2 small tuna loins with Kosher salt , sugar, and a spice mix of bay leaf, thyme, juniper, garlic for 3 days.One with nitrite and one is without. After curing I stuffed them into Beef middles which will be cold smoked over Alderwood tomorrow and then left to age until they are firm like salami.
I will also be smoking Bacon sides tomorrow.

What’s Hangin!
Venison w/Juniper and Black current
and Lomo

Over the past couple of weeks I have been procuring equipment! I just scored a couple commercial fridges off Craiglist which I have just modified so that they stay at a constant 55 deg. and have an R.H. of 75 to 85%.
I have also been experimenting with different casing with the Chorizo.
These Chorizo are curing without any starter culture and are non-fermented, but they do contain nitrite.
As you can tell a lovely white mold is starting to bloom. Hopefully I can make a batch Sunday that I will ferment with Starter culture for 24 hrs at 85 deg. w 90% R.H. for a taste comparison.

Beef Middle (Larger) and Chittering casing (aka Gentile) Very delicate, and rips easily when stuffing.
Chorizo in Beef and chitters

Lomo: Cured for 8 days in Pimenton, Garlic, curing salt, and spices. Then rinsed and stuffed into beef middles. Should be ready in 60 days!


Pancetta Drying

Bacon Curing:

Maple Molasses Cured and Organic brown sugar.

100_0171.jpgI am in the process of curing about 20lbs. of chorizo. I cut into one of them and there is a minute black ring. This tells me thnat the outside dried too fast. I think I left the fan on too much for air circulation and is the root of this evil! Air causes dehydration. The cooler has consistently been at the optimal temp and RH for the duration, so it has to be the fan!